Hear from some of our Almost Home adopters & fosters

I just completed the adoption of this sweet puppy. We started the process in early December and Almost Home was very professional and supportive. The home visits were super easy and friendly. Masks were worn and all necessary precautions are taken to to keep everyone, people and animals, safe. Almost Home loaned me a cage and brought puppy food. They thought of everything to make sure I would not need to take the puppy out into public before being fully vetted.       ~Terri MK

We adopted our puppy from Almost Home almost two years ago and now we foster for them.   Amazing rescue that truly care for the pets.  They ensure your personal animals are safe with introductions and provide the food for the foster pet.   Great experience of knowledgeable and caring staff!        ~ Jillian L.  

Got involved with this rescue over the last year and could not be more impressed with how they operate. They provide all supplies needed (which other rescues claim to do but don’t always), offer constant support, and are thorough in their process in selecting homes. After fostering a dog for a period of time, you want to know the home selected is the best fit for the pet which AHAR always does.    ~Chris P

One of the absolute best rescues I have ever fostered for. All the dogs are housed in foster homes, vet care is done immediately and at a local vet. They are a smaller rescue and truly care about their dogs, fosters, and volunteers.   ~ Rebecca J

Amazing rescue with the most caring volunteer fosters. Their process ensures a dog finds it's perfect furever home! It's all about best fit for the dog & ensuring they are loved for life!   ~ Tiffany D

Katelyn and I adopted Veruca the American Bully/Blue heeler and the process was wonderful. Full communication and assistance, support beyond my expectations, and I would recommend all my friends to visit here first when looking for a lifelong friend. I love this place. We’re working on our second pup now!   ~Isiah W.

How quickly Almost Home Rescue responded to the care of an animal, Bug, who needed emergency care and how she was shown love!      ~Michelle C

Almost Home Animal Rescue is an incredible organization. They do a wonderful job saving dogs and cats and helping these animals find their perfect families!  ~The Dedic Family

They stick by the animals they’ve helped no matter what! They don’t cut corners and rally for the under dogs, the over looked and last picked dogs in the euthanasia line ups at shelters. They set the dogs up for success in life, it’s about the quality of life for those they’ve saved.  ~Mickey B

We adopted a dog, Vinny, from Almost Home about 2 years ago. They made it incredibly easy for us, Vinny was coming off a heartworm treatment but they were super up front with us about everything. The most incredible thing, Vinny was dumped, but when he got here to be in his furever home, he was crate trained and completely housebroken. Truly, we can’t say enough amazing things about Almost Home. Turns out that Vinny was the perfect piece we didn’t know was missing for our family!   ~Lauren B.

Almost homes animal rescue deserve 100 stars. The love, passion and dedication for the animals is so much.    ~420Friends

OMG, where to start! I’m a repeat adopter with two of the most precious pups that I can’t imagine not having in my life. First and foremost AHR houses the rescue animals in volunteer foster family’s homes so the pets are socialized with adults, children, other dogs and pets so that you get a well adjusted pet to add to your family. AHR also requires a completed application and follows up on the information and does a home visit to ensure the best fit and then a two week foster to adopt trial period, again, to ensure a best fit. The pet is fully vaccinated, chipped and spayed/neutered. Everyone at AHR is friendly, knowledgeable and stay in touch. I recommend AHR to everyone who is looking to expand their family with a furry baby!    ~PK H.

I had a great experience with Almost Home Animal Rescue! Their work is amazing and it’s so inspiring seeing dogs and cats get their forever homes.   ~Andie O.

We discovered Almost Home Animal Rescue when we were looking to adopt a new dog. They had rescued Bean, a tiny 6 pound Chiweenie. When they found him he was abandoned and in really bad shape including being heart worm positive. They nursed him back to health including the heart worm treatment that was really hard on him. We are so grateful for everything they did for Bean!   During the adoption process they were helpful and knowledgeable and happy to give us advice when we reached out with questions. We also love that they do regular check-ins on the animals that they rescue and find fur-ever homes for.   We liked our experience so much that we just adopted our second dog with them, Nori.

They do amazing work caring for sweet animals that need care, nurturing, patience and love. We are happy to donate to their non-profit and are very grateful for the generous and compassionate work that they do!    ~Pam C.

I highly recommend adopting a new family member from Almost Home Animal Rescue. We adopted our sweet Nicki from this rescue and have nothing but fabulous things to say about our experience. Nicki was 2 months old when we were able to take her home and we officially adopted her at 4 months old after she was spayed and given her final shots. She is now 10 months old and doing extremely well! I attribute her sweet and playful demeanor to her amazing foster family. She was showered with love and attention while there. Her foster mom had to bottle feed her and her 2 sisters when their mom unexpectedly passed away when they were very young. 

Additionally, her foster mom went above and beyond to make sure we were able to take Nicki home when she was 8 weeks old. During the great snow/ice storm of February 2021 her foster mom found a vet who would administer her required shots for us to take her home. Our niece and nephew were in town from New York to meet Nicki and she ensured we would be able to take her home. We can’t thank Almost Home Animal Rescue enough for such a smooth adoption process and providing us with our baby girl! We love her to pieces and forever indebted to this rescue for giving us the greatest gift we could have ever asked for!      ~Lisa P.

This won’t be your average review, as we weren’t able to adopt from Almost Home. We fell in love with a pup with this rescue, applied, and were approved for a trial visit. Heather brought “Scout” to visit, and we were so sure he was the one! Unfortunately, our youngest child has terrible anxiety, and by the next morning, we knew it was not going to be fair to either the pup or our son to go through with the adoption. I was mortified and so sad about having to contact the rescue and take Scout back. As frustrating as that must have been to the rescue group, as they had taken the time to go through applications, come visit and interview, etc., Heather was gracious and kind. She understood my situation, and most importantly, she wanted what was best for my family and the dog. Her compassion speaks volumes, and I hope that some day in the future we’ll be able to consider adding a dog to our home.    ~Christina E.

Such great people! We volunteered to be a foster and I’ve never seen a group of people who love their dogs more! They take placements seriously and I’m impressed with the work they do.   ~Marci

I have been volunteering and fostering for Almost Home for about a year now and I love the organization, people and their mission. They always make sure the dogs are taken care of and that they have the best options in life. My foster needed an expensive surgery to live a pain free life and they did not hesitate to get it for her or provide us with support in her therapy. They were hands on with her aftercare and went above and beyond to meet us multiple times a week for her water therapy. It is a true telling to their compassion when they put so much effort into one pup that now gets to play instead of limping to the next soft surface.   ~Lizzy C.

Almost Home Animal Rescue is Amazing! We love our Charlie girl so much!! She is definitely my baby and I could not imagine life without her! Hard to believe she us nearly a year old.  The foster did such an awesome job fostering Charlie and her sisters it hard circumstances. I will be forever grateful to her for loving my baby!   ~Sarah