Almost Home Animal Rescue

Serving the North Ft Worth / Burleson TX Area

Meet our Adoptables!! 

All animals within our group are fully vetted including: 

- UTD on vaccines

- Spay/neuter

- Heartworm test

- Fecal test (and/or deworm) 

- Microchip

Adoption Fees:

Adult:  $200.00

Puppy (6 month or younger):  $200.00

Seniors (7yrs+):  $75.00

Cats:  $50.00

Kittens: $100.00

Per Texas state law, we are now required to charge .0825% sales tax per adoption.

Please check out our calendar page to find our where we will be so you can meet your potential new family member!!


                  ~ Riley ~

Riley is a 2yr old, female Lab mix.  She is a sweet, cuddly girl that loves to be with her human. Very food & treat motivated.  (Still learning all her food manners)   Loves to gives kisses & cuddles. Prefers to snuggle in bed at night with her foster parents.  She is very dog social & would love her forever home to have atleast 1 other furry sibling to play with!  Toys & chew bones are a must for her.  Leash & crate trained.  Housebroke (using doggy door).  

Sadly Riley had spent the majority of her short life in a rural shelter.  She was always deserving of a forever home yet always overlooked!  Thankfully she is now in foster care learning how to be a family pet!

                    ~ SAGE~

Sage is 6 month old, female Terrier mix.  She is a petite girl with crazy ears.  She is pure puppy that loves to be on the go & in the action.  Very curious & outgoing.  Loves to romp with her foster siblings, chase her toys & explore in the yard.  She will keep you laughing with her endless puppy antics.  

Sage would love to find a home with atleast 1 other furry sibling to play with.  Housebroke, leash & crate trained.

                    ~ ASIA ~

Asia is a 3yr old, female Lab mix.  She is a unique looking girl with giant ears!  Very sweet, cuddly & affectionate.   Loves to go for walks, car rides & playing in the pool.  Her amazing personality will quickly steal your heart!

Asia came to us from a home that forced her to live outdoors on a chain most her life.  Sadly she is heartworm positive & is currently undergoing treatment.  She will soon be ready for a home to call her own!

                     ~ ORION ~

Orion is 1yr old, male Lab/Greyhound mix.   He is a sleek, majestic looking guy.  He loves to be with his human!  He is a curious guy that likes to explore the yard & romp with his foster siblings.  Toys are a must!   Housebroke, crate trained.  Learning his leash skills.

Orion is very nervous of the outside world.  He needs a family that will be patient & give him the time he needs to warm up.

Sadly, Orion was found in a box (along with his 7 siblings) at just 2wks old.  He was bottle-fed by his foster momma & thankfully survived.  Due to his lack of a doggie mom, his socialization has been slow.

                    ~ Gizmo ~

Gizmo is an 8 month old, male Gray Tabby.  He is a gorgeous guy with a hilarious personality.  He loves to be in the action, explore & find adventures.  Very curious of everything.  Loves toys, soft beds & snuggling with foster mom.   Fully vetted.  Litter trained.   He will make an amazing addition to any family!

Sadly, Gizmo (and his brother) were left on open land when their owner moved away.  They were left open to the elements & predators.  Luckily we were able to get them into foster care.

             ~  Nugget ~

Nugget is a 7 month old, female Heeler mix.   She is a petite girl, only about 20ish lbs,  She is energetic, outgoing & always curious!  Loves to explore the yard & chase her foster siblings.  Water is a must for this girl..  she loves the hose, the pool, the water can, ANYTHING with water!   Loves walks & car rides.   Leash trained.  Working on her crate & house training skills.  Fully Vetted.

                  ~  Vega ~

Vega is a 1.5 yr old, female Greyhound/Lab mix.  She is a sweet girl that loves belly rubs, cuddles & nap time.  Very well mannered & knows commands.  Loves to play with her foster kids & furry siblings.  She will gladly curl up on the bed with a bone for hours of self entertainment.  She is a true water dog, LOVES the pool & hose!      Crate & leash trained.  Housebroke.   Fully vetted

                ~ Yuri ~

Yuri is a 5 month old, female Terrier mix.  She is an adorable lil girl with a silly personality.  She is very playful, outgoing & curious!   Loves to romp with her foster siblings, tug-a-war with toys & explore in the yard.  She will keep you laughing with her silly puppy antics.  She loves to snuggle & get tummy rubs.  Crate & leash trained.  Working on her house training skills.   Fully Vetted

              ~ Bonnie ~

Bonnie is a 6 month old, female Chiweenie.  She is an adorable girl that will quickly steal your heart with her endless cuddles!   She is shy at first so she needs a few minutes to warm up.  Once she is comfortable, she is your best friend.  Loves to snuggle & be with her human.  Loves her tennis ball.  Dog social.  Housebroke, crate & leash trained.    Fully vetted

                  ~ Marcy ~

Marcy is a 10wk old, female Chihuahua.  She is a sweet, snuggly lil girl that loves her human!  Very playful & outgoing.  Loves to romp with her foster sister, explore the yard & play with the big dogs.  Working on her house training skills.  Will be fully vetted before adoption.

                   ~ Xena ~

Xena is a 10wk old, female Chihuahua.  She is an active, outgoing girl.  Loves to romp with her sister, explore the yard & play with the big dogs.  She has a big dog personality!  Very curious of the world, with little fear of anything..  Working on her house training skills.  Will be fully vetted before adoption.

                         ~ JAKE ~

Jake is a 2yr old, male Shepherd mix.  Handsome fella that loves to play!  Very curious & outgoing.  Loves toys, chasing balls & romping with his foster siblings.   He is a sweet boy that loves to snuggle on the couch.    He is a cautious guy that needs a little time to warm up, needs proper intros with other dogs.

Jake lost his lifelong home when his owners decided to move & not take him with.  He was terrified when he arrived to us but has made tremendous progress with trusting!  He will make an amazing companion if given the chance.

                       ~ HARLEY ~

Harley is a 5yr old, female Poodle mix.  She is a sweet, needy girl that just wants a human to call her own!  Loves to cuddle & nap on the couch. Calm, mellow girl.   Very curious, loves to explore in the yard.  Dog social.  Housebroke, leash trained.  Crate trained but doesnt like it much.  

Harley is DEAF so she will require a home that will be patient with her while she adjusts. (No small kids that will spook her)  Does not require sign language.  

Sadly Harley & her pup lived a life of neglect before arriving to us.  They were forced to live in an outdoor pen, severely matted & unloved.  After much love & vet care Harley is now healthy & ready for a loving home. 

                   ~ Hank ~

Hank is a 1yr old, male Lab mix.  Gorgeous fella with the silliest ears.  He is a playful, goofy guy that loves his toys.  Loves to lounge on his bed, chase his toys & hang out with his human.  Housebroke, crate trained.  Learning his leash skills. 

Hank had a rough start to life.  His litter was left in a box at 1wk old.   Growing up without a mom has made him unsure of the world.  He is cautious of his surroundings & new people.  Needs time to warm up.  Once he is comfortable, he is your best friend!  He would love to find a home that will be patient with him & give him the space he needs to be loved!

                   ~ Hope ~

Hope is a 10 month old, female Border Collie/Lab mix.  She is the most social girl you will ever meet!  She loves everyone & everything she meets.   Very dog social.  Outgoing, playful girl.  She loves toys & wrestling with her foster siblings.  well mannered & knows Commands.  Crate & leash trained.  Housebroke.  Fully vetted.