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Dogs Needing Forever Homes


Tofu is a 5 month old, female Terrier mix puppy.  She has an adorable Lab face but a petite body.  She will quickly steal your heart with her endless cuddles.  She is very playful curious & outgoing.  Loves to romp, wrestle & play with her foster siblings.   Nap time & chew bones are a must for her.   Still learning all her indoor skills.  

Lil Tofu was found in a field eating the carcass of a dead dog, likely her mother.  She was a determined lil girl that stayed alive until we rescued her.  She is thriving in her foster home & loving life. 

((We are unsure of her breed.  We do not anticipate that she is be more than 30-35lbs)) 


Maverick is a 3 month old, male Shepherd/Rhodesian mix.  He is the sweetest boy that will quickly steal your heart with his endless cuddles.   Very affectionate!   He loves to romp with his foster siblings, chew bones & swim in the pool!  True water dog!  He is gonna be a large guy when full grown so his size needs to be taken into consideration.   Crate trained.  Housebroke.

Sadly, Maverick was found tied to a stop sign in a larger city.  He sat there terrified until animal control picked him up.  Thankfully he is now settled into a foster home & is loving life. 


Bea is a 3yr old, female Poodle mix.  She is a quiet, docile girl that likes to stay to herself.  Bea is nervous of new people & situations so she needs a patient home that will allow her time to settle in.  She does like to be near her human once she warms up.   Will gladly lounge & nap on the couch.  Dog social, loves to play with toys.   Crate & leash trained.  Still working on her housetraining skills.

Bea was dumped in a church parking lot along with her babies.  She was adopted but then returned due to her timidness.  She needs a patient home so she can blossom. 


Chester is a 2yr old, male Chihuahua.  He is a small guy, weighing in at only 7lbs.   He is the absolute sweetest boy that loves to snuggle & give kisses.  He is an outgoing guy that loves everyone he meets.   He will keep you laughing with his silly antics & zoomies.  He is very dog social & would be happiest in a home with another dog to play with.  Crate trained & leash trained. Still learning his house training skills.

Chester was picked up as a stray by a rural animal shelter.  Sadly he sat there for 3 long weeks before we were able to secure a foster home for him.  He is now settled into foster care & loving life. 

Due to his tiny size & petite body structure, he needs a home with older (8yr+) kids.    No exceptions. 

Lilly Long Legs

Lilly Long Legs is a 2yr old, female Chihuahua mix.  She is a super model of the Chihuahua world with her long legs & gorgeous eyes!   Very loyal & loves to be with her human.  She will quickly steal your heart with her endless cuddles.  Loves to explore in the yard, go for walks & car rides.  She can be vocal at times so apartment life is not appropriate for her. 

Lilly Long Legs was picked up as a stray by a rural shelter.  She had been wandering the streets.  She is now settled into a foster home & loving life! 


Brooke is a 9yr old, female Pitbull.  She is a gentle old soul that loves to just lounge & relax.  Very calm, well mannered & docile.  She does get an occasional spurt of energy & plays with toys.   Loves to cuddle on the couch.  She will quickly steal your heart with her sweetness. Dog social.  Housebroke, crate & Leash trained. 

Sadly, Brooke lived her whole life in a hoarding situation with 40 other dogs inside a home.  She was confiscated by animal control to then only linger at the shelter.  Thankfully we were able to secure a foster for her!   She has adjusted to rescue perfectly & is loving life!   


Lacey is a 8yr old, female Pit Bull mix.  She is a calm, quiet girl that loves to just lounge. Will make a perfect cuddle buddy!  You can often find her napping on the couch or cuddled up with her foster kid.   She honestly wants nothing more than a human to call her own!  Very attentive & affectionate.  She would love to find a family that will smother her in endless love.

Lacey was picked up as a stray in a rural town.  Sadly, she was pregnant & was forced to give birth at the shelter.  She was an excellent mom & protected her babies to the best of her abilities in an overcrowded shelter.  Every pup was adopted but she was left behind.  She sat for 6 long months before we were able to grab her!  She has proved that she is the absolute best girl ever. 

She is currently Heartworm positive & undergoing treatment


Liberty is a 2yr old, female Heeler mix.  She is a small, petite girl.  (only 26lbs)   She has had a rough start to life so she is still a bit skiddish.   She requires a family that will give her a little time to warm up.  Learning indoor life was an adjustment for her but she finally has mastered it!   She loves to romp & wrestle with her foster siblings.  Toys & a comfy bed are now a must for her.   She loves getting petted but is still skiddish when approached.   

Liberty came to us as a stray found in the country.  She had a deep wound which nearly severed leg.  After a few months of vet care & daily cleaning/bandages, she is now healed thankfully.   She is loving life in foster care & learning how to just be a dog. 


Benchley is a 2yr old, male Lab/Hound mix.  He is a large fella (86lbs) but don't let his size fool you!  He is a gentle giant!  He loves to lounge on the couch, snuggle with foster mom & get endless tummy rubs.  He will gladly play dress up with his foster kid & even enjoys tea parties...  if dog biscuits are included!  He is quite smart & knows many commands!  Dog social but needs proper intros due to his size.   Crate & leash trained.  

Benchley was sitting on the euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter after being picked up as a stray.  He had given up all hope & stopped eating.   Thankfully a foster stepped up & we pulled him into our group on his final hour of life!   He was a little rough around the edges in the beginning but he has blossomed into a wonderful boy now. 

Large Marge

Large Marge is a 7yr old, female Lab mix.  She is a chubby, short girl with the sweetest personality!  She loves being the center of attention & getting endless love.  She will keeo you laughing with her endless toy antics & splooting!  She will gladly entertain herself for hours with her toys & bones.   She loves a comfy bed... or two!  Loves walks & car rides.  She is currently on her figure in hopes of losing another 5ish pounds. Housebroke, leash & crate trained,

Sadly Large Marge spent her whole life living in a hoarding situation.  She was rescued by animal control then to just sit at the shelter for 6 months in a cage.   She acclimated to foster life as soon as we got her!  She loves all the luxuries & freedoms that foster life offers.   She would love to forever family that will smother her in love.

((Currently undergoing heartworm treatment))


Gunner is a 6yr old, male Pit Bull.  He is a sweet, affectionate guy that loves to always be with his human.  Very loyal & loving.  Loves to go for walks, hikes & car rides.  Always ready for an adventure!  Toys & chew bones are a must.  Loves to play fetch & Tug-a-war.    Dog social but needs proper intros.  Crate & leash trained.  Housebroke.  Knows commands.

Gunner came to our rescue as a tiny pup but has been returned twice, no fault of his own.  He is praying that the third time will be a charm!   He promises to love you forever!

((Gunner takes 1 medicine daily for his seperation anxiety.)) 


Pipsqueak is a 3 month old, male Terrier mix.  He is an adorable lil fella!  He will quickly steal your heart with his endless cuddles & kisses.  He loves being with his human.  Very dog social.  Loves to romp & wrestle with his foster siblings.  He plays hard & naps even harder!   Crate trained.  Still working on his house training skills.

Lil Pipsqueak was found along a rural interstate.  He was all alone & scared.  Thankfully a kind woman picked him up & got him to us.  He is now loving life in foster care!


Moto is a 1yr old, male German Shepherd mix.  He is a nostalgic, handsome guy.  Quite the head turner!  Very well mannered & eager to please his owner.  He is curious & loves to explore.  Excellent walking partner.  Loves playing with his foster kiddo & snuggling in bed.  Knows commands.  Housebroke, crate & leash trained. 

Moto was found as a small pup near an outdoor bike track.  He was taken in & cared for but handed off again to us months later due to the family moving.   He is now settling into foster care & loving life.