Meet our Adoptables!

All animals within our group are fully vetted including:

  • UTD on vaccines

  • Spay/neuter

  • Heartworm test

  • Fecal test (and/or deworm)

  • Microchip

Adoption Fees:

  • Adult: $250

  • Puppy (6 month or younger): $250

  • Seniors (7yrs+): $100

  • Cats: $50

  • Kittens: $100

Please check out our calendar page to find our where we will be so you can meet your potential new family member!!

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Dogs Needing Forever Homes!


Silas is a 10yr old, male Chi/Pomeranian mix. He's a tiny lil guy with a lot of spunk! He is an outgoing lil fella that loves to be in a lap! He will keep you laughing when his endless toy antics. He loves soft beds. You will often find him snuggled in a pile of blankets. Dog social but prefers sticks to himself. Crate trained. Learning his house training skills.

Sadly Silas was found wandering the streets alone. An owner never came for him. He would love to find the perfect forever home to finish out his remaining years!

**Requires 1 daily med for his thyroid**


Dearie is a 4yr old, female Terrier/Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet, affectionate girl that loves to be with her human. She is a true lap dog that loves to cuddle! Loves to play with toys, romp with her foster siblings & snuggle. She would love to have a doggie sibling. Housebroke. Crate & leash trained.

She needs a patient adopter that will allow her a few days to settle in & form an attachment. Once she attaches you have a friend for life! No apartments please.

Dora & Thumbelina

Dora & Thumbelina are 1yr old, female DSH sisters. Bonded pair so they need a home together! They are both sleek, gorgeous girls with the best personalities! They love to explore around the house, watch our the window & nap in a cozy bed. Very social. Tummy rubs area must for the girls. Litter trained. Fully vetted.

The girls were adopted from us a kittens but sadly were dumped at a local shelter a few weeks ago. We quickly picked them up & they are again residing in foster care. They hope for find their perfect, forever home soon!

*Adoption fee sponsored*


Scout is a 1yr old, male Lab/Hound mix. He is an outgoing, energetic guy that loves to be in the action! Very curious of the world & loves to explore. He is a gentle giant that loves to get tummy rubs & head scratches. He will gladly curl up in your lap for some cuddle time & a quick nap. You will quickly fall in love with his squishy face & soulful eyes. Crate trained.

Sadly Scout had lived his life outdoors before arriving to us. He is doing amazing at transitioning into an indoor pet. He is now housebroke, learning personal boundaries & basic commands. He is loving the comforts of a home!


Violet is a 11wk old, female Pitbull Heeler mix. She is a free spirited, curious girl that loves to do her own thing. She has a big personality & attitude. Will gladly talk back when she gets in trouble! Very smart, eager to learn & please her human. She hates the hot weather & sun so she's quite the couch potato on really warm days. Crate trained. Still learning her house training skills.


Milo is a 1yr old, male Lab mix. (prpbably not, but we honestly don't what breed he is!) If you are looking for a perfect guy then look no further! This tall, leggy guy will quickly steal your heart with his snuggles & amazing personality! He is sweet, well mannered, playful & incredibly goofy! Very dog social & loves to play! His favorite games are tug a war & fetch... but he doesn't bring it back. He loves to get butt scratches, tummy rubs & smooches! Housebroke. crate trained. Working on his leash skills.


Copper is a 7 month old, male Heeler mix puppy. He is an active, outgoing guy that loves to be in the action! Toys & chew bones are a must for this lil fella! He loves to play fetch, tug-a-war & keep away. He attaches very quickly to his favorite human & never leaves your side. 100% velcro dog. Dog, cat & kid friendly. Crate trained. Learning his indoor house skills.


Charlie is a 11wk old, female Pitbull Heeler mix. He is a sweet, easy going guy. Loves to snuggle with foster mom! He is a smart lil guy that is eager to please & hates getting in trouble. He does not like the heat so prefers to lounge inside. He will make an amazing addition to any family! Crate trained. Still learning his house training skills.


Luna is a 7yr old, female Border Collie mix. She is an active, on the go girl that loves to be in the action. Very playful & loves toys. Food & toy motivated. She will keep you laughing with her endless toy antics. True to her breed, she is very smart & eager to please. She loves to explore, go for walks, car rides & hikes. Would make an excellent jogging buddy! Knows want commands. She is looking for an active home that will keep her both physically & mentally stimulated. (Prior Border Collie experience a plus!)

Luna was found wandering on a back road. She was microchipped but sadly her owners decided that they didn't want her back! She was in poor health & heart worm positive. After a full treatment, many vet visits & endless love she is now a happy, healthy girl!


Willy is an 11wk old, male Heeler/American Bully mix. He is an adorable lil fella that will keep you laughing with his endless puppy antics! Very curious, loves to explore in the yard. He is very outgoing, loves to wrestle with her foster siblings. Tug-a-war is his favorite game! He loves to chit chat with foster mom as his lil head bobbles back & forth listening to her words. Crate trained. Still learning his house training skills. He will make a great addition to any home!


Mallory is a 2yr old, female pitbull. She is a shy, reserved girl that needs ample time to warm up. She was not properly socialized as a small pup so she's fearful of the world & new people. Once comfortable this girl will keep you laughing with her zoomies, endless toy antics & constant need to smooch you! Once you win her trust, she is your best friend forever. She would do best in a calm home without small kiddos. Dog social, loves to play! Crate trained, leash trained & housebroke.

Sadly, this sweet girl has been bounced around quite a bit in her few short years of life. She had been dumped numerous times before arriving to us. She is looking for a committed, stable home that will love her endlessly .She is working weekly on her social skills & is striving to become the best girl!


Peppa is a 4 month old, female Pitbull mix. She is an adorable lil girl that will quickly steal your heart! Her puppy antics are endless & hilarious! Very dog social, loves to play. Napping is one of her favorite past times & her endless snorts while she sleeps will keep you laughing! She loves a cozy dog bed! Crate trained. Learning her house training skills.

Sadly, Peppa was found in a ditch near a homeless camp. It seems someone discarded her like trash. Thankfully she was brought to our attention so we could get her to safety. She has acclimated to foster life wonderfully & is settling in perfect!


Clementine is a 2yr old, female Yorkie mix. She is a quirky lil girl that will keep you laughing with her odd ways. She has a bit of anxiety due to coming from a hoarding situation. She is seeking a special home that will be patient with her due to her anxiety. She is dog social & just starting to discover what toys are all about. She is slowly settling into normal life. Still working on her housetraining & current allergies. She would do best in a calm home, without young kids.


Toothless is a 3yr old, male Chiweenie. Those large, endearing eyes might remind you of the little dragon off the cartoon... hence his name! He might just be the cutest lil guy ever! Those eyes will quickly steal your heart. He's nervous of new people & situations but warms up quickly. Once he trusts you then you have a forever best friend! Loves a warm lap & to snuggle under the blankets. Crate trained, learning his housetraining skills.

This lil fella was an owner surrender along with his momma. They are still adjusting to life but so far so good! This guy is very resilient & eager to have a new human to love!


Mike is an 11wk old, male Heeler/American Bully mix. He is a handsome lil fella that loves to be in the action. Very curious & outgoing. Loves to explore in the yard, romp with his foster siblings & play with his toys. Tug-a-war is his favorite game! He even likes the water hose! Crate trained. Still learning his house training skills. He will make a great addition to any home!


Tango is a 9 month old, male Boxer/Lab mix. He is a big, goofy boy with legs for days! He just seems to keep getting taller. He is a sweet, curious guy who happily greets every person he meets! Very outgoing, curious & playful. Loves to play in the sprinklers & wrestle his foster siblings. He will happily flop on his back for a tummy rub. His personality & smile always lights up any room! Very dog social. Crate & leash trained. Housebroke.

Tango was born outdoors in the dirt & soon after caught parvo, along with his whole litter. He was one of the few that survived. We quickly pulled him into our rescue & he began to thrive! He hasn't looked back since! He loves foster care but hopes to find a forever home soon!