Meet our Adoptables!

All animals within our group are fully vetted including:

  • UTD on vaccines

  • Spay/neuter

  • Heartworm test

  • Fecal test (and/or deworm)

  • Microchip

Adoption Fees:

  • Adult: $250

  • Puppy (6 month or younger): $250

  • Seniors (7yrs+): $100

  • Cats: $50

  • Kittens: $100

Please check out our calendar page to find our where we will be so you can meet your potential new family member!!

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Dogs Needing Forever Homes


Mallory is a 2yr old, female pitbull. She is a shy, reserved girl that needs ample time to warm up. She was not properly socialized as a small pup so she's fearful of the world & new people. Once comfortable this girl will keep you laughing with her zoomies, endless toy antics & constant need to smooch you! Once you win her trust, she is your best friend forever. She would do best in a calm home without small kiddos. Dog social, loves to play! Crate trained, leash trained & housebroke.

Sadly, this sweet girl has been bounced around quite a bit in her few short years of life. She had been dumped numerous times before arriving to us. She is looking for a committed, stable home that will love her endlessly .She is working weekly on her social skills & is striving to become the best girl!


Skoshi is a 1yr old, female Chihuahua mix. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with legs for days! She will quickly steal your heart with her endless cuddles. Very sweet & affectionate. Velcro dog that loves to always be with her human. Snuggling is her favorite thing. Dog social, loves to romp with her foster brothers. Housebroke, crate & leash trained.

Skoshi was picked up as a stray by a rural animal shelter. She sat scared for days before we were able to secure foster home for her. Thankfully she quickly adjusted to foster life & is doing amazing.


Captain is a 1yr old, male Doodle. (mix unknown). He is an outgoing, active guy that loves to be in the action! Very playful & curious. Toys are a must for this goofball. He will play fetch for as long as you can throw. He loves to go for walks, play time at the park & car rides. Dog social but needs slow intros. Prefers to be an only pet. Crate & leash trained. Housebroke.

Sadly, Captain was found wandering on a rural, dirt road. The finder asked everyone near & far if they knew him but no one ever came forward. He is a wonderful boy that really deserves a family to call his own.


Zoey is a 5yr old, female Lab/Hound mix. She is very sweet, cuddly & affectionate. She will quickly steal your heart with her endless cuddles. Loves to snuggle under the blankets, get tummy rubs & nap on the couch. Dog social, likes to romp & wrestle with her foster siblings. Housebroke. Crate & leash trained.

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou is a 1 yr old, female Retriever mix. She is a petite girl, weighing in at only 38lbs. She will immediately steal your heart with her endless cuddles & hugs! She is an active, outgoing girl that loves to play! Very dog social, requires another furry sibling in the home. Toys & chew bones are a must for her. After a full day of playing she loves to snuggle into bed for some cuddles. She will make an amazing addition to any family!

Sadly, Emmy Lou was part of a hoarding case in a rural town. She was removed from the home, along with 40 other dogs. Due to the trauma she lived through, she does have seperation anxiety. It is managed with 1 daily medication. She is thriving in foster care & prays she finds a family of her own soon.


Forest is a 6 month old, male Pitbull/Basset Hound mix. He is a short, stumpy lil fella with the biggest head! He is a sweet, cuddle guy that loves to be with his human. Very affectionate. Loves tummy rubs! Very dog social. Loves to romp & wrestle with his foster siblings. He will quickly steal your heart with his endless cuddles.

Forest was found wandering at a local park. He had been seen wandering for about 2 weeks before someone finally picked him up. He has settled into foster care perfectly & is loving life! He will make an amazing addition to any home!

((NOTE: Will not be neutered until 9 months old due to growth plates in front legs))


Lacey is a 8yr old, female Pit Bull mix. She is a calm, quiet girl that loves to just lounge. Will make a perfect cuddle buddy! You can often find her napping on the couch or cuddled up with her foster kid. She honestly wants nothing more than a human to call her own! Very attentive & affectionate. She would love to find a family that will smother her in endless love.

Lacey was picked up as a stray in a rural town. Sadly, she was pregnant & was forced to give birth at the shelter. She was an excellent mom & protected her babies to the best of her abilities in an overcrowded shelter. Every pup was adopted but she was left behind. She sat for 6 long months before we were able to grab her! She has proved that she is the absolute best girl ever.

She is currently Heartworm positive & undergoing treatment

Teddy P

Teddy is a 1yr old, male Lab/Pyr mix. He is a large, goofy guy that will keep you laughing with his endless puppy antics. Very smart & incredibly strong willed. True velcro dog that loves to be always be with his human. He wants nothing more than to be with his human every second of the day! Very playful & silly. He will gladly keep himself entertained with a toy or bone for hours. Loves to go for walks, great on the leash!

Sadly, Teddy grew up as an outdoor dog that roamed freely. It took him a bit to adjust to indoor life but he now has the hang of it! He loves the luxury of AC & a comfy couch to lounge on. He doesn't love his crate but will now go into it without a fight. He would love to find a stay at home mom!


Benchley is a 2yr old, male Lab/Hound mix. He is a large fella (86lbs) but don't let his size fool you! He is a gentle giant! He loves to lounge on the couch, snuggle with foster mom & get endless tummy rubs. He will gladly play dress up with his foster kid & even enjoys tea parties... if dog biscuits are included! He is quite smart & knows many commands! Dog social but needs proper intros due to his size. Crate & leash trained.

Benchley was sitting on the euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter after being picked up as a stray. He had given up all hope & stopped eating. Thankfully a foster stepped up & we pulled him into our group on his final hour of life! He was a little rough around the edges in the beginning but he has blossomed into a wonderful boy now.


Brooke is a 9yr old, female Pitbull. She is a gentle old soul that loves to just lounge & relax. Very calm, well mannered & docile. She does get an occasional spurt of energy & plays with toys. Loves to cuddle on the couch. She will quickly steal your heart with her sweetness. Dog social. Housebroke, crate & Leash trained.

Sadly, Brooke lived her whole life in a hoarding situation with 40 other dogs inside a home. She was confiscated by animal control to then only linger at the shelter. Thankfully we were able to secure a foster for her! She has adjusted to rescue perfectly & is loving life!


Stormy is a 6yr old, female Pitbull. She is a gorgeous ebony girl with a smile that can brighten any room! She is a sweet, easy going girl that loves to be with her humans. Loves to cuddle, watch TV & sleep in! True homebody that hates car rides! Does enjoy an occasional walk. She will keep you laughing with her toy antics & zoomies in the yard. Dog social. Housebroke, crate & leash trained.

Stormy came to us years ago as an injured street dog. She was adopted by an amazing family that adored & spoiled her. Unfortunately her parents fell critically ill & could no longer care for her. She is now back in foster care with us, adjusting to foster life. She hopes to again find a family that adores her as much as her past one did!


Izzy is a 2yr old, female German Shepherd. She is a sweet, attentive girl that loves to be included. Very affectionate & cuddly. She will quickly steal your heart with her sweet snuggles. Dog social, loves to romp & wrestle with her foster siblings. Cat friendly, but will chase. Loves to go for car rides & daily walks. Housebroke, crate & leash trained.

Sadly, Izzy was adopted from a local animal shelter to a family that didn't want nor take care of her. She was let loose on the streets when they were tired of her. Thankfully one of our volunteers found her!

She is now loving life in her foster home! She is praying for the perfect family soon.


ADOPTABLE WINNIE is a 2yr old, female Husky/Shepherd mix. She is truly the perfect package... brains, bronze & beauty! Incredibly smart, agile & beautiful. Her crystal blue eyes will mesmerize you. Perfect size, maybe 40lbs. She is very outgoing, curious & playful. Dog social, loves to romp & wrestle with her foster siblings. Affectionate & cuddly! Housebroke, crate & leash trained.

Sadly, Winnie was found wandering on the highway 100s of miles away. A family stopped & picked her up. She had recently had puppies but they could not be found anywhere. They brought her home & contacted us. She is now lounging in foster care living her best life!

**Due to her past, she is heartworm positive. She is now currently undergoing heartworm treatment**


Cinnamon is a 4yr old, female Chihuahua mix. She is a larger girl, about 12lbs. (Could you a walking buddy to help her drop a few pounds!) She is a sweet, affectionate girl that loves her human. Loves to lounge on a warm lap, snuggle in bed & explore in the yard. Walks & care rides are her absolute favorite! She would love to be someones travel companion! Dog social but doesn't interact with them much. Just learning how to play with toys. Housebroke, crate & leash trained.

Sadly, Cinnamon spent her whole life living in a homeless camp. She had never known the comforts of a home until arriving to us. She is now loving the comfy couch, dog beds & endless yummy treats.


Midnight is a 2yr old, female Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet, loving girl. Loves to lounge on your lap, nap in the sun & explore the yard. Playful & outgoing. Still learning the joy of toys. She would love to have another furry sibling in her forever home to play with. Loves to romp & wrestle with her foster siblings. Crate trained. Still learning her house training skills.

Sadly, Midnight was born at a homeless camp & has spent her whole life outdoors. She is just now learning indoor life. She loves all the comforts of a house & is excelling more every day!


ADOPTABLE MARINARA is a 6 month old, male DSH kitten. He is a sweet, cuddly lil fella that loves to snuggle with his human. Very outgoing, playful & silly. His crazy kitty antics will keep you laughing! Dog social, still learning about other cats. Litter box trained. Fully vetted

Sadly, Lil Marinara was found at a local Sonic restaurant. He was staring in the door pleading for food as he was nearly starved to death. Thankfully we were able to get him into foster care. He is now healthy, happy & loving life! He is hoping to find a forever home soon.


Leah is a 4 month old, female Pitbull mix. If you love puppy breath & kisses then Leah is your girl! Her adorable face & ridiculous ears will quickly steal your heart. She is an active, outgoing lil girl that loves to be on the go & in the action. Loves to play, toys are a must for her. Her puppy antics & clumsiness will keep you laughing. Very smart & eager to learn! Fetch is her favorite game. Dog & cat social. Still learning her house training skills.

Sadly, lil Leah was found wandering in a rural area. She was cold, starving & scared. Thankfully a lady picked her up & got her to us. She is now living her best life in foster care. She is praying that she will soon find her forever home.


Gypsy is a 10 month old, female Shepherd/Corgi mix. She is an adorable lil girl with tiny legs & huge ears! Very curious, alert girl that loves to explore her surroundings. She is still quite scared of the outside world so she needs a patient home that will allow her time to settle in. Dog social, loves to play! Very ball driven! Loves to play fetch all day. Crate trained. Working on leash & house training skills.

Sadly, Gypsy & her sister were found under a shed as small puppies. A kind woman took them in but never socialized them in the world. Due to that Gypsy is still learning how to function in our world without tremendous fear. She is making great progress, especially within her foster home.


Netti is a 10 month old, female Poodle mix. She is a smaller, petite girl, only 35lbs. She is an absolutely adorable girl with the sweetest, goofiest personality once she warms up. Very dog social, loves to play! Curious & loves to explore the yard. Housebroke, crate trained.

Netti was living in the woods on her own for atleast 3 months. It took us weeks to finally catch her. She is settled into a foster home & doing well. Sadly she is extremely undersocialized & will will require patience. She is learning how to appropriately play with other dogs, building trust with humans & learning all her indoor skills. She is a slow work in progress that will requires a patient family. Due to her lack of socialization she is considered a flight risk.

Requirements to adopt:

-- Other dogs within the home

-- No small children (13yrs+)

-- Secure fence (6ft, wood)

-- Patience & love

There are NO exceptions to these rules. They are in place for her safety, well being & continued growth.