Almost Home Animal Rescue

Serving the Ft Worth / Burleson TX Area

Meet our Adoptables!! 

All animals within our group are fully vetted including: 

- UTD on vaccines

- Spay/neuter

- Heartworm test

- Fecal test (deworm) 

- Microchip

Adoption Fees:

Adult:  $200.00

Puppy (6 month or younger):  $200.00

Seniors (7yrs+):  $75.00

Please check out our calendar page to find our where we will be so you can meet your potential new family member!!


                   ~  SASHA  ~

Sasha is a 2yr old, female Shepherd/Cur mix.   Adorable lil girl that loves to play!   She is packed with energy & curiosity.  She is eager to learn, fetch & explore.    Great with other dogs, loves to play!    Toys are a must for this cutie.   She is incredibly sweet.     Leash & Crate trained.

Sasha was saved from a rural kill shelter.  She was on the euthanasia list due to a lack of space.  We saw too much potential & love in this girl to ever allow that to happen!   She is now in foster care loving life!    Get your apps in for this sweetie!

                      ~  BLOSSOM ~

Blossom is a 7yr old, female Pit Bull mix.   Sweet, gentle girl that just wants a human to call her own.  She is very calm, well mannered & gentle.  Loves to just lounge on the couch with her foster mom & snuggle.   Great with other dogs.   Loves her tennis ball, she carries it everywhere with her!  Housebroke, leash & crate trained.   Fully vetted.

Blossom was found as a stray in terrible shape.  She was terrified of the world but is now loving life!  She is learning more each passing day. 

                              ~ JAKE ~

Jake is a 2yr old, male Shepherd mix.  Handsome fella that loves to play!  Very curious & outgoing.  Loves toys, chasing balls & romping with his foster siblings.   He is a sweet boy that loves to snuggle on the couch.    He is a cautious guy that needs a little time to warm up, needs proper intros with other dogs.

Jake lost his lifelong home when his owners decided to move & not take him with.  He was terrified when he arrived to us but has made tremendous progress with trusting!  He will make an amazing companion if given the chance.

                      ~ LUNA ~

Luna is a 4 month old, female Terrier/Border Collie mix.  (We are purely guessing on breed!)

She is a spunky little girl with lots of personality & attitude.  She is very animal social & curious.  Loves to be with her human, romping with her foster siblings or snacking on a bone.   She is learning her house training skills.  Crate trained,

Luna was saved from a back yard breeder when she was 3 weeks old.  She was attacked by another dog resulting in part of her upper lip & nose missing.  She has made an amazing recovery!   Due to being taken from her mom too early she is still learning proper socialization.

                  ~ CASH ~

Cash is a 4 month old, male Lab mix.  Words can't describe just how awesome this little guy is!   He is the best of every world.. playful & silly, sweet & snuggly, curious & outgoing!    He loves everyone & everything that he meets.   Cash loves to romp & wrestle     with his foster siblings then snuggle      up with foster momma when he's sleepy.   Crate trained, still learning his house training skills.  

               ~ BELLA ~ 

Bella is a 8yr old, female Chihuahua.  She is a sweet, docile girl that loves to just relax & snuggle with her human.  Loves to be held.  She is just learning the joys of playing with toys with her foster siblings.  Housebroken, crate trained.     Bella would do best in a calm, quiet home without small kids.

                     ~ CHISHOLM ~

Chisholm is a 3 month old, male Shepherd mix.  He is a petite little guy that loves to snuggle!  He is very sweet, affectionate & cuddly.  Loves to be with his human.    Playful, loves to wrestle & romp with his foster siblings.  Crate trained, still learning his leash & house training skills.  

Chisholm has had a rough start to life.  He was dumped on a busy interstate, left to die.  Thankfully we found him!  He was a tiny skeleton with a huge belly of worms.  After much vet care & love from his foster momma he is now loving life!!


Zeus is a 1 1/2yr old, male Poodle mix.  He is a spunky, outgoing guy that will keep you laughing with his endless antics!  He is very curious & loves to explore.  Zeus is packed with silly personality & kisses.  Loves to sit right next to his human if he's not on the go.  Very dog social.   Crate & house trained.  Still learning his leash skills.   Fully vetted.

 ~ HOWIE ~

Howie is a 4 month old, male Shepherd mix.  He is a sweet, easy going guy that loves to lounge with his foster family.  Very cuddly!   He is just a pup so he will gladly play if encouraged.   Loves his chew toys & wrestling with his foster siblings.   He is still learning his house training skills.   Crate trained.

                             ~ LILLY~

Lilly is a 4 month old, female Shepherd/Hound mix.   She is an adorable girl that will steal your heart with her endless puppy cuddles!   She is very affectionate & loves to be with her human.   Loves to play with chew toys & wrestle with her foster siblings.   Crate trained.  Learning her house training skills. 

                             ~FINCH ~

Finch is a 2yr old, male Sheltie mix.  He is a sweet fella that quickly attaches to his human.   Finch was dumped in the country to die so he takes a bit to warm up.  Once he's comfortable, he's your best friend for life!  Very animal social.   He is still learning how awesome toys & play time is!  Housebroke, crate trained.    Still working on his leash skills.   Fully vetted.

**Finch would do best in a home without small kids, as quick movement may make him nervous.**


Willie is a 5 1/2 month old, male Retriever mix.   He is a smaller fella that is packed with spunk!  He has had a rough start at life but has beat the odds every time!!   His determination to live is outstanding.  He will keep you laughing with his goofy antics.   He is the sweetest, most cuddly guy you will ever meet!  

                   ~ NORMAN ~

2yr old, male American Bulldog/Lab mix.   Gorgeous boy that will steal your heart with his crazy antics!   Loves to play in the pool, chase the water hose & nap in the dryer.   Toys are a must for this guy, he loves to fetch.   Great with other dogs, cats & kids.   Housebroken.  Leash & crate trained.

                     ~ NINA ~

Nina is a 1 1/2yr old, female Dachshund mix.  She is an adorable little girl that will steal your heart with her endless snuggles!   She is a well mannered girl.   Loves to play with toys & snuggle with her foster siblings.   Housebroken, Crate trained (although she doesnt like the crate!). Leash trained.

                 ~  JUNIPER ~

Juniper is a 5 month old, female Hound mix.  She is a sweet, submissive girl that quickly attaches to her human.  She has had a rough start to life...   Dumped by her humans at a local shelter, caught parvo & was set to die. 

 After much vet care & love from her foster family, she is now healthy & learning to love life!    She loves romping & wrestling with her foster siblings, exploring the outdoors & snuggling with foster momma when she's sleepy.   Crate trained, still learning her leash & house training skills.

                                                                   ~ SADIE ~

Sadie is a 5yr old, female Hound/Shepherd mix.   She is a shy, timid girl that is still learning that life & humans are ok.    She loves to sun bathe in the yard, nap in her crate & just watch the day.  Loves other dogs!  

Sadie had been a feral dog in the country for many years before arriving to us.  She has successfully completed heartworm treatment & is now learning how to just be a dog.    She will require a special home that will allow her the time & space she needs to feel comfortable.